eading „crypto-combatant“ leaves strategy department

Leading „crypto-combatant“ leaves strategy department of US Department of Justice

Beth Williams is leaving the Strategy Department of the Department of Justice, but it remains unclear what her next post will be.

According to an official announcement made by the US Department of Justice on 11 December, Acting Assistant Attorney General Beth Williams will leave the Department Bitcoin Pro of Strategic Planning.

Since 2017, Williams has been one of the leading members of the Office of Legal Policy. In its latest announcement, however, the Department of Justice merely confirms that Williams is leaving the Policy Making Unit, without making it clear whether she is also leaving the Department of Justice or what her next post will be.

Williams has been involved in during

In the corresponding communication, the „DoJ“ recalls the projects Williams has been involved in during her term of office:

„The Ministry of Justice’s cyber-strategy, in which she drafted a strategy for crypto-currencies in the framework of a Cyber-Digital Task Force“.

This refers to a previous announcement made in October, when the Ministry published a legal framework for the prosecution of crypto-currencies. At that time Williams had said:

„This framework reflects the Department of Justice’s extensive cooperation with national and international authorities in the joint fight against the illegal use of crypto-currencies, which benefits the legitimate users of this asset class and the general public“.

The Justice Department’s legal framework appears to be another attempt by the outgoing US administration to influence future crypto regulation before the change of administration. The US Treasury Department is currently even more in the focus of the crypto-community, as it has drafted a controversial „ban“ on crypto-wallets that could cause great damage to the industry.